“Jo cut through the spiritual confusion and gave me some practical and effective techniques to increase my awareness and presence. This translated into a better life at home and the edge I needed to increase my performance at work”.    Dean Taraborelli. (Arizona)

I was introduced to Jo at a very painful and uncertain time in my life.  Over the course of three months’ work together, her insights have reenergised and refocussed me both professionally and personally.  I am now finally on my path: happier and healthier than I can ever remember being and looking forward to a future I could never have imagined. Jamie Berger (London)

Okay, in this stressed out crazy life that we live, between running businesses, traveling and raising families, instead of reaching for the Valium, I swear by meditation and Jo Bowlby.  I believe in science and am practical on all levels, but with Jo I have saved years of therapy and she has taught me (and my circle of friends and colleagues “How to Just Be”.  You hear the word Shaman and you want to run for the hills, but Jo is a modern day “Western Shaman”, and with her techniques you don’t feel like you are entering a strange new world.  You leave her sessions with insight and a feeling of renewed energy.

Susie Rogers. (London/New York)

“Jo is so very understanding of peoples needs on every level. Anyone in the health care community could learn so much from spending a little time with here. She is very special”.    Marc Farah. (London)

“Labeling Jo Bowlby a shaman is a bit restrictive if you’re first inclination is to think of chanting around a fire with face paint and feathers, but if you think of a shaman as someone who understands the expansiveness of the human brain–the realms and ways in which we could use the brain if we had the training–and as someone who understands the integration of the energetic body with the physical body, then shaman is the perfect, and really the only word to describe the amazing and interesting work that she does.  Jo uses a combination of verbal and non verbal tools to assist her clients in clearing and cleansing the energetic body. Some of the techniques she uses are a thousand years old and performed by indigenous shaman the world over, while others are new fields of discovery in modern psychology. Blending techniques means that Jo brings a thorough range of skills to each personal session”.    G Barnes. (California) 

“Everybody needs a Jo”!    William Marsden-Smedley (Wiltshire)

“Taking time out in our busy city lives, whether, its for the parent in us, the entrepreneur in us or managing an illness is essential. Whatever our roles are, there is always work in it and we often get caught out longing for time to stand still. My weekly visits with Jo became an important part of routine as I recognised that I was being able to be me in my life but with less stress.  The more we conversed, the more I heard my own voice, discovered my own convictions, and understood for the first time the cheesy cliche ‘honour yourself’. Jo’s sessions would become the gateway to a universe that does work on energetics, vibrations and connections. Through her work, I journeyed beyond the logic and learned how to play and recognise my own energy, that transcended into my everyday life and not just in the weekly sessions. I experienced that healing came when my own perspectives shifted and I found a rooted inner strength in the ability to be versatile. The spiritual adventure, the healing journey or a life’s walk, however you would like to describe it, has changed my outlook on life. It feels expansive and in that, I am free”.    Amanda B (London)

“Thank you for your healing voer this last period of my life, and hopefully it will continue. I really feel the changes in me”.    J Levy (Sweden)

Today I am going to marry the man I always dreamed of. Jo taught me to dream again. With a deep sense of intuition, a healing hand and a great sense of humour, conversations with Jo quickly revealed what was holding me back. Through the shamanic meditation Jo guided me to a beautiful place and in the process released the old to pave the way for new. Thank you Jo!    Susan Teresa (Ireland)

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