About Jo

My practice as a Shaman healer grew out of a life long interest in ancient spiritual disciplines and modern psychology. 
Over the last thirty years I have trained in various traditions, including Zen, Yoga, Qi gong and Martial Arts. I have also studied psychotherapy and counselling at Regents University in London and I am a certified NLP and Hypnotherapy  practitioner.
For me, the best of these two worlds was brought together when I was introduced to the Shaman philosophy and energy medicine of North and South America.
I am a graduate of The Four Winds Institute which specialises in the traditional teachings and energy work which has been used by Native American and South American shamans for thousands of years.
After graduating, I continued my training in Peru studying with the Q’ero elders (Inca Shaman) in the Sacred Valley and the medicine men in the Amazon rainforest. I received the full rites in 2006.
I divide my time between my practice by Battersea Park in London and running bespoke healing journeys.



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