Jo is a Shaman, Spiritual Mentor and Author.  Over the last thirty five years, she has had the rare opportunity to learn directly from some extraordinary wise men and women around the world:  Shamans living high in the Andes, Medicine men and women in the Amazon Rainforest, Buddhist scholars in India, Mystics, Gurus, Philosophers and psychologists, all dedicated to sharing their wisdom on the art of life. Through these encounters Jo has been able to gather a body of  life-enhancing skills, timeless insights and practices which underpin her client practice and teachings.

 In 2006 Jo was given the rites of initiation as a Shaman by the Q’ero elders (Inka Shaman) in Peru. Jo divides her time between her practice  in London and travelling. She also runs retreats and workshops around the world as well as bespoke healing journeys to Peru.