Vanity Fair A List

“Nothing is a coincidence. So when I found myself sitting next to Jo Bowlby at a birthday party I mentioned that I happened to be feeling off-kilter; it was nothing specific, more a combination of the usual stuff – taking on too much work, zooming around and not taking time to just sit quietly. As a consequence I was suffering from irritating dizziness. Jo told me that she’s a shaman healer. And suggested I see her for a session.

Now I’ve never met a shaman healer but Jo wasn’t what I expected. Where was the wizard’s cloak and beard for starters? The heart of Jo’s work is helping people to rediscover their natural pace, so they can remain balanced and on course within the hectic demands of everyday life. Bowlby’s CV is impressive; she studied psychotherapy and counselling at Regents University in London and is a graduate of The Four Winds Institute and a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line therapy. Over the last twenty years she has trained in various spiritual disciplines, including Zen Buddhism, yoga and shamanism and has received the full initiation rites from the Q’ero (Inca Shaman) elders. Jo divides her time between her practice in London and running bespoke healing journeys in Peru. Her ability to combine the highly effective ancient energy medicine with contemporary techniques enables Jo to work with individuals at a very deep level, allowing them to resolve even the most challenging inner conflicts and patterns swiftly and with ease. My dizziness disappeared after just two sessions and I felt grounded, physically stronger and fit to cope with work and emotional challenges. I really can’t recommend Jo Bowlby highly enough”.

By Alice Brudenell-Bruce